82 Audio Evening Event at Charles (2nd edition)

Audiophile Evening Son Ultime 20, Evening at Charles (2nd Edition).

Charles is the owner of a majestic property in the lower part of the St. Lawrence River which he humbly calls his “Chalet”.

However, for those who know him, Charles is not the type to do things by halves.

Being close to Son Ultime since its foundation, Charles is doing us a great honor once again this year by organizing this superb event!

For the occasion, we transported:

-Sonus Faber Amati Tradition
-McIntosh C1100C / C1100T
-McIntosh MC2152
-Mcintosh MPC1500
-Auralic Aries G2
-Auralic Verga G2
-Oracle Delphi Signature
-Audioquest ThunderBird ZERO / BASS
-Audioquest WEL XLR
-Audioquest Diamond Coax

Without forgetting the superb Son Ultime lamps with a McIntosh “look”! ;)

Which looked more like moving than preparing for an evening!

A big thank you to Charles for his warm welcome and his generosity as well as to Claudio, Daniel and Gilles for sharing their musical discoveries!

Looking forward to another evening at his “Chalet”!