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For over 10 years, we have had the privilege of serving passionate audiophiles, and their positive feedback is our greatest reward.

Here you will find a compilation of glowing reviews from satisfied customers who have shared their experience. These words reflect the quality of our products, our attentive service and our dedication.

We are proud of these testimonials because they reflect our long history of customer satisfaction. Explore this section to hear the voices of those who choose Son Ultime and discover why our reputation extends beyond the boundaries of sound quality.

At Son Ultime, we believe in the words of our customers, because they are the true indicator of our success.

Alain, Montreal

“At the beginning, I knew Son Ultime reputation, which was excellent by the way.

Subsequently, I was able to meet and speak with Nicolas on a few occasions, during different exhibitions.

I was impressed by his knowledge and his dynamism.

I always watched, out of the corner of my eye, the evolution of Son Ultime, and the more time progressed, the more I was certain that my next high-fidelity purchases would be made from them.

When the time finally came, I made an appointment with Nicolas.

Going to Son Ultime is not a visit, but an experience!!! 

In autumn in my case, on an absolutely enchanting and superb site.

The place is as beautiful as it is impressive, all the devices are there, ready to be plugged in and listened to in superb demonstration rooms.

I was with Nicolas, who had my full attention because we were alone, who answered all my questions with precision. 

I felt good immediately; I had this feeling of being received like a friend.

And that he had all the time in the world to devote to me.

Never this kind of 'pressure' sometimes felt in stores, far from it. 

Even though I had a fairly clear idea of ​​what I wanted, he guided me and gave me the advice and assurance I needed to make the right choices. 

And what about the fast delivery service? A 10/10!

Making an appointment with Nicolas and Étienne is not for a visit, it is for a unique experience. 

To be put as a priority on your list when you have to make high-fidelity purchases!

Passionate, caring guys and above all, true professionals.

A unique breath of fresh air in an industry that really needs it!

Thank you Son Ultime.

I love music even harder thanks to you!

See you soon, surely. »


Charles, Sherbrooke

“I still wonder why I love high fidelity and therefore the electronics that come with it so much.

However, it's only equipment but I'm still in love with overpriced equipment.

Obviously the trigger for this is musical interest, that is to say the particular sound produced by each instrument, their presence and their realism in a piece which provides emotion.

I'm not talking about the melody or the music strictly speaking, but rather an amalgamation of sounds coming from several sources which taken together create a scene or a sort of spatio-temporal space of which I am a part.

The other day, I listened to an old interview with Louis-Josée Houde who said that he loved music but that he considered himself more of a sound guy. Well, there's no better person than an audiophile to understand that.

Music softens the soul, they say, but the quality of the reproduction of this music transports us to another universe that makes us forget all our worries.

I believe that Son Ultime has understood this ultimate quest among its clients and that it is not so much money that limits us but rather the pleasure of listening. This man and his right-hand man, however, allowed me to reach a high level of musical resolution with offers that were all reasonable and sensible, where everyone found something to suit them.

Your customer and friend. Charles » 


Ernst, Jocelyne, Sutton

“His Ultimate!” What a great experience!

In calm and relaxation, listening to our needs, comparing different sound proposals, and providing sound advice, we are in possession of a system to our great satisfaction.

Thank you to Nicolas our advisor and Étienne for your professionalism and your competence. »


Pierre, Mont-Tremblant

“For several years, Son Ultime has accompanied me in my evolving day by providing me with sound advice based on my environment and budget. It all started a few years ago with the acquisition of Tannoy XT8F speakers. Subsequently in order to enrich the sound presence in my large room. Nicolas suggested the addition of two Sub REL T9i. Not only did his SUBs enrich my low frequencies but they had a significant impact on the presence and broadening of my Sound stage. 

Then continuing my quest to improve my sound quality, I followed Nicolas's advice and replaced my Schiit Freya pre-amp with a McIntosh C8. The sound improvement was unequivocal and in the following few weeks I made the decision again based on the advice of Son Ultime to replace my Audiolab amp with McIntosh MC 830 monoblocks. The C8 / MC830 combination gave new life to my Tannoy speakers and my literally take them to another peak in terms of sound quality and  pleasure of listening.

Thank you to Étienne and Nicolas for your valuable advice, your flawless service and your great competitiveness in the market.

Rock "


Sébestien, Sainte-Marthe sur le Lac

“I just made a dream come true, finally I have a pair of McIntosh monoblocks! For as long as I can remember, that's what I wanted for amplification. This dream was made possible with the collaboration of Son Ultime and Nicolas Grégroire.

 A year ago I was using an MA6600 which I traded in for a C47/MC452 combo, my first separate system. Last week I had the opportunity to sell my 452 to purchase a pair of MC611s. What I appreciate about Son Ultime is their flexibility and the desire to support their customers in the evolution of their systems. Thank you Nicolas for making this transaction possible. 

Establishing an excellent relationship with your authorized reseller allows you to have the best prices, exceptional service and to ensure that both of you work in the same direction to achieve the goal of having a dream system. Having a dealer who wants to take back equipment to exchange it for something better makes things so much easier. »


Hoai, Montreal

“Thank you for the smooth and easy transaction. I have found Étienne and Nicolas to be trustworthy, knowledgeable and passionate about their work. I would unreservedly recommend Son Ultime to anyone who is looking to buy high-end audio components. Thank you for a pleasant and hassle-free transaction. 

Étienne and Nicolas are reliable people, knowledgeable and passionate in the field of high-end audio. They will be able to advise you on your next purchase from Son Ultime. Highly recommended. »


Mario, Levis

" Hello Nicolas,

Listen, what can I say? I'll start at the beginning. I searched for several years for the Holy Grail. A sound that could combine the qualities of analog and digital. I spent some money on this research. Certainly, more than $30,000. However, after a certain time, there was always that little something that had to change, when it wasn't the whole system that had to be redone, to the great despair of my girlfriend :)

I had the pleasure of calling you. You listened to me. However, you were able to confront my opinions, my perceptions, and always with respect, in order to guide me on the right path so that each purchase is now based on a constant improvement of my system, stone by stone, with the sole objective of maintaining and improving the synergy between the different components of my system.

I wanted to share my gratitude with you, recognize your patience for dismantling one by one my false perceptions accumulated over time :)

Rest assured that I will be a loyal customer of Son Ultime for what it represents: integrity, honesty towards the customer and above all respectful of the customer's budget. Sometimes it can take several stopovers to get to your destination :)

But, thanks to you, I know that I will get to my destination, while being able to savor each of the stops.

Best regards,

Mario »


Martin, Ottawa

“Last week Son Ultime installed our new Sonus Faber Olympica Nova III. 


So, this is our third purchase from Nicolas and Son Ultime in as many months. Read my past two reviews and you'll note that I/we've had nothing but good things to say about this energetic, honest, and knowledgeable dealer. This time again, is no different. Nicolas and Son Ultime for a Hattrick! To many of his clients, I imagine this won't come much as a surprise. For the rest of you reading this, wandering whether to make the call, or the trip to Sherbrooke, wander not. You will be met with the passion, excitement and attention that so many of us often find lacking in this business. 

This has been a dream speaker for me and so needless to say I (and my wonderful partner) are delighted to have them in our home. I won't say much about the speakers themselves, aside that they simply need to be heard. Absolutely stunning in every way! 

Thank you very much again Nicolas! »


Martin, Ottawa

"I want to primarily thank Nicolas for his, as always, first rate customer service, in helping me choose my new subwoofers. My previous impressions of him, were very gladly confirmed. Nicolas, is a first rate dealer, interested only in getting the right product in the hands of the right client. His quick, and clear communication and no-nonsense approach, along with his kindness, and knowledge will certainly keep me coming back! I can, in the highest of terms, recommend him to anyone who wants a service worthy of the product being sold!

Now a bit about the subs. I am not a reviewer and neither is this the place for a review. So I won't talk about all of the music that I tried these with. But I want to highlight something that I thought was interesting. Overall the 510's dig deeper, are faster, and project the sound in the space more than my T9/i's. What I mean is that instead of getting low energy transferred to the floor and then into all sorts of vibrations around the subs, the 510's project the low energy into the room which feels like a rush overcoming the listener. And just like that it stops, as the music sixteens. The experience is truly incredible, you can almost visualize when the note begins and when it ends. And if you aren't a visual person, you can certainly feel it in your body :D

I couldn't be happier, and to anyone looking for a pair for themselves, I can't recommend them strongly enough. Just give them a bit of time to settle, your patience will be massively rewarded! And if you aren't sure if the S/510's are for you, simply give Son Ultime a call and rest easy in the knowledge that their recommendation has only your best interest at heart!


Martin »


Martin, Ottawa

« Picked up an Auralic Altair G1 form Son Ultime yesterday.

What a wonderful experience that was: No pushy sales tactics, just profound knowledge of the products, generous hospitality and of course awesome gear...! Cant recommend Son Ultime highly enough!!!!

Thank you very much Nicolas! »


Real Sherbrooke

" Hello to you,

Just to let you know of my satisfaction with Sonus Faber and also of your professionalism in advising me according to my selection criteria. Let's first talk about your listening skills and your great patience in order to clearly understand my needs and preferences.

I really appreciate the fact that you devote yourself to your customers individually and take the time to listen to us carefully. We don't feel under pressure, you guide us while respecting our personal tastes which is not easy in itself, hats off, you are real audiophiles and you know your products well.

We spent a few hours comparing speakers of different types. After listening we followed discussions of the pros and cons of each model and I quickly came back to the one which brought me or I would say enveloped me aurally the most in accuracy, precision and detail sounds. Engulfed in a sonic presence that I cannot explain, it can only be experienced and heard.

Really, Sonus Faber with its new Sonetto VIII model, broadcasts a powerfully detailed sound in the treble without being aggressive. And what about its mid range, where I made the biggest gain compared to my old speakers, the mids are fully detailed and offer extended dynamics of the stereophonic image. We must not forget the frank and clean bass without hum which makes it a remarkable set in a case with a sublime finish and without resonance. I am simply amazed by it. Didn't have too much problem positioning them in my room dedicated to listening, probably due to its port located under the speaker. So I was able to place them one foot from the back wall and three feet from the side walls, which gives eight feet between each speaker, same thing for my listening distance. 

I would have thought they would have demanded more power from my amp given I was going from 98db efficiency to 90db, but no, they fill my room space just fine. Plus strangely, they go much better with my subwoofer than my previous speakers.

Finally, the marriage of MA5300 and Sonetto VIII is one that brings me to audiophile paradise and my ears are satisfied. It now remains for me to devote myself to the music lover in me who is rediscovering his favorite CDs, what a sound.

Thank you again for your dedication and patience to both of you Étienne and Nicolas, you form a superb team and I hope that you will continue to bring us this quality of product and that many will also benefit from it.

Real »


Derek, Pointe Claire

It was my first visit to SonUltime in Orford (Quebec) and it was well worth the drive, this is how to buy HiFi, no pressure sales just good knowledgeable advise from Nicolas that really knows his products like no other. No wonder they are #1 in sales! 

I was able to sit in a relaxed environment and compare various amplifiers. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and I saved a small fortune. 

Thank You Guys.

Gilles, Chambly

I had the opportunity to purchase McIntosh equipment and Norstone shelves at Son Ultime. The experience was enjoyable from start to finish!

Nicolas is very professional and gives sound advice without ever putting pressure. His prices are competitive and he is honest in the amount he offers to take back components in exchange.

The delivery and installation service is second to none. Accompanied by his partner Étienne, they are always smiling, patient and very thorough. We feel that they absolutely want their customers to be satisfied.

Bravo and long life to Son Ultime!


George, Lorraine

I have bought numerous hi end pieces from Son Ultime, including McIntosh and Sonus Faber.

The equipment is, of course, FIRST CLASS, however, the main reason I choose to deal with Son Ultime, is, the owner, Nicolas Grégoire.

Nicolas is a true professional, from superb advice, competitive pricing, and, INCREDIBLE after sale service, there really is no better place to buy hi end stereo equipment.

I know, from personal experience, you WILL be happy, or Nicolas will do whatever it takes, to make it so.

Son Ultime is the perfect combination of world class brands and a first class representative in Nicolas Grégoire.

Nicolas, a very big THANK YOU, for all your amazing service in the past!

Till we do business again,

warm looks,

George »


Sébastien, Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac

"For several years, Nicolas de Son Ultime has become a real resource. Every time I have questions, he answers me quickly, either by messaging or by telephone. As I stay quite far from his business, I had no idea never bought a Son Ultime but that made no difference to the quality of the advice I received. Recently, I was in the market to buy a network player. After doing my research, I let my intention be known to Nicolas and he asked me to call him to discuss it. His Ultimate has just refined his expertise in this emerging technology. After having a good conversation, I decided to do business with him and ordered an Auralic Aries G2. I went looking for it directly at Son Ultime.

The experience was the best I've had dealing with a store specializing in audio equipment. It should be noted that Son Ultime is located on a very beautiful estate, immediately upon entering, I knew that the experience would be very different from what I am used to experiencing. We were two audio enthusiasts exchanging ideas. At no time did I feel that a seller/buyer relationship existed. More of a human and warm relationship based on common points.

After chatting for almost two hours, I returned home with my network drive with a very palpable good mood.

Doing business with Son Ultime has nothing to do with the kind of experience I had in the audiophile stores I am used to frequenting. Where you are clearly made to feel that your equipment is not up to par in order to maximize the value of the sale while looking down on you.

Thank you Nicolas for this great experience, now I can't wait to come back and listen to my next speakers!"


Pierre, Montreal

Hello Nicolas,

I want to thank you for the way you received us. It was very pleasant and informative. I admire your knowledge and your humility. I really appreciated your generosity and your simplicity.

THANKS. Congratulations on your success.


Sebastien, Sherbrooke

First of all, Nicolas, owner of Son Ultime is a really great person.

He took all time needed to answer all my questions. He is always willing to give the time you need to listen equipment in his audio room. He takes really good care, almost to be fanatical, of all the equipment he sells. 

It's my third purshase at Son Ultime and it won't be the last! You can trust Nicolas and, from my experience, your transactions will be done nicely.

My new Amp is really great!

Thank you Nicolas!


Alain, Gatineau

"Nicolas offers a top notch service; he is very welcoming and made me at ease from the moment I stepped into his business to the moment I left. He took several hours to demo various combinations of amplifiers/speakers/cables until we found the best for my taste and budget.

He knows his products with minute details and and communicates it very efficiently. I would definitely buy from Son Ultime again."


Dominic, Amos

In 1989, I was 16 when I bought my first sound system. The check mark at the time.

But 30 years later... there's not much left... And during these years, the little family arrived and you know the rest. So time passes and things fall into place and you say to yourself "one day I'm going to buy the kit of my dreams...and that day finally came!

This day was a most pleasant shopping experience:

By appointment, in a warm and sumptuous place at the foot of Mont Orford, in peace and quiet and without any interruption from other customers, telephones or other irritants!

Everything is here ! I can have fun like a child in a toy store. And I took the trouble to bring music that rocks as I like it. It's not annoying, we're alone!

After a good time of listening, testing and asking questions. The choices are made: Bryston T speaker which I combine with the C52 preamp from McIntosh. It was worth my 8 hours of driving! Not just for my purchase, but for the experience of that moment at Son Ultime. 

So if like me, you have been waiting for this famous day for a long time, you will not regret your extraordinary purchasing experience in this peaceful, magnificent place and above all, directly with the owner, your host Nicolas!


Frederic Leonard, Mont Laurier

After several searches on the internet and on the phone in different stores, I quickly realized that Nicolas was different from the others. He listens and responds to our needs. He is not looking to replace all your equipment and wants the best for you. He is available and does not count his time. 

A visit to his store in Magog made me understand that he knows his field inside out and that he offers very high quality equipment according to budgets. He answers all the questions and is ready to give you a demonstration to support everything he says. I recommend his company to anyone, it is the best audio store in Quebec. Bravo and thank you for your passion and your superb store.


Owen Horn, British Columbia

“Excellent seller. Very open discussions and treats his used products like they are new. Speakers came in immaculate condition using commercial pacing practices. Thanks Nicolas.”


John, North Carolina

I throughly enjoyed working with Nicolas. This was my first transaction in 

Canada. He went out of his way to communicate the CAD / US Dollar valuation plus border / custom fees. I have No problem suggesting others 

American buyers to purchase through Nicolas in Canada.

Thank you Nicolas


Denis, Lac Beauport

I met Nicolas a little earlier this year through the internet. While his site intrigued me...I showed up at Son Ultimate believing I was making a stop there among a few that I had planned in order to possibly purchase hi-fi equipment...

My visit to him gave me a pretty incredible experience...Nicolas, as well as the equipment he offers, is a real reference...I have been a customer of Son Ultime ever since and I highly recommend anyone interested. through the world of hi-fi to meet Nicolas...it's a must...who will share his passion...his knowledge...


Yves, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu

Very serious young entrepreneur in the world of hifi
A reference despite its young age
A true enthusiast, curious and attentive to people


Andrew, Sherbrooke

Mr. Grégoire welcomed me with cordiality and simplicity. A short visit to the place provided my ears and eyes with plenty. I got a Bryston bp6 preamplifier there (which I was looking for to accompany a Bryston 3B sst2 amplifier). From the first minutes after turning on my sound system, I noticed a firmer bass, more airy highs and warmer mids. A real delight.

I only have one piece of advice for anyone looking for informed advice on audio matters: don't hesitate, call Nicolas at Son Ultime.

Long live His Ultimate.


Serge, Sherbrooke

Congratulations Nicholas! Already during my home theater project 3 years ago I informed those around me that you were going to have quite a career! Your determination, your knowledge, your customer service mixed with the enthusiasm of your youth are synonymous with success! I feel privileged to have met you and I enjoy my Tannoys every time!


Denis, Lac Beauport

I discovered Son Ultime and Nicolas through the internet... going to meet him in his world is quite an experience... on his site it is written "Expert in high fidelity"... He is outside of any doubt and he knows how to share his passion with us through a service of very high quality...

He introduces us to very high quality equipment. He has a “sharp sense” of service... knowing how to listen, answer questions, taking the time so that we can make informed choices... having adapted as much as possible the places where he shows us his equipment. ..so that the discovery of what he has to present to us is memorable...

I highly recommend it to any audiophile...

Nicolas thank you for the valuable advice...your service and your professionalism!!!


Emmanuel, Longueuil

I spent the morning with Nicolas Grégoire from Son Ultime... Wow! He took the time to answer all my questions, advise me and have me listen to different speakers to find what really suited me. I have never met such an honest, welcoming and knowledgeable seller before! I highly recommend that you check out Son Ultime before buying anything else. I'll go back, that's for sure!


Mathieu, St-Tite

I was very impressed with this visit! After several listenings and comparisons the choice was made, Nicolas does not count his time!

Nicolas is very transparent with him, we have the right information. Nicolas's concept is a winner, a personalized service, ready to adapt to your requests as quickly as possible! It was a great experience that I recommend to any audio enthusiast!


Daniel, Montreal

I am very happy to have purchased Tannoy speakers which correspond to what I was looking for. Nicolas is a true professional, passionate about his job, patient and attentive to the customer, it was a pleasure to listen to speakers in his demonstration room which is fantastic. A very large choice of speakers, there is something for all budgets. 

I communicated by email and on the phone with Nicolas a year and a half before deciding, and he was always generous with his time to answer all my questions. It was really pleasant doing business with Nicolas.


Alain, Drummondville

Hello everyone!

My goal in high fidelity is to improve little by little. After purchasing a pair of Tannoy Rùevolution XT 8F, I considered myself to have made a big leap. Nicolas came to deliver me a pair of Turnberry GR from the prestige series yesterday afternoon.

I think I might need a parachute because the results are incredible!

Thank you Nicolas for the good advice and excellent service!


André, Quebec

"I am very satisfied with my new amplifier. Thank you for taking the time to listen to me about what I wanted. Thank you also for your excellent availability and the quality of your service.

In short: Bravo for your professionalism. It was very appreciated!

Don't give up!



Michel, Montreal

"A company name that promises a lot...and my recent experience with this company

allows us to justify such a name.

The welcome is most courteous, affable, attentive to your needs

without any pressure and in a domestic environment.

Thank you Nicolas for your passion and your experience."


Alain and Claudia, Saguenay

"Going to Son Ultime is an experience in itself: simply magnificent place, exceptional products and a friendly, professional guy, who takes all the time necessary to select the equipment(s) that correspond to your tastes as well than your budget. You don't feel like you're in a store at all, you feel more like you're staying with a friend.

In the end, the purchase of Tannoy XT8F sounds simply fantastic. And this is surely just the beginning of a great adventure!

A little advice if this is your first visit: don't have anything else planned when you make an appointment. You know when you're going in but you don't know when you're going to come out!

Thank you Nicolas and congratulations!”


Louis-Marc, Montreal

"Best purchasing experience in a long time. Best ever in the audio field. With Nicolas, we quickly feel at ease and well advised. Indeed, we feel that he has our best interests at heart.

Mcintosh retailer recently... Already well stocked with top-notch equipment. Impeccable service. I’m glad I contacted you!”


Michel, Montreal

"Nicolas is one of the rare ones who always goes the extra mile to make sure he understands and thus ensures that he meets customer needs. He was able to advise me in a way that no one has been able to do in my 25 years in as a music lover.

I now have the McIntosh amp I've been dreaming of paired with a nice pair of Tannoys. Thank you Nicolas for spending all this time answering my questions, it is sincerely appreciated!”


Enrico, Magog

“Nicolas really impressed us with his professionalism and quality of service he offered us.

He was able to suggest the device best suited to our needs."


Charles, Carignan

“In addition to being an outstanding advisor, Nicolas knows how to advise us and tell us the “real” things.

He is trustworthy and I do not regret my purchase from his ultimate.

Thank you for everything Nicolas and we will definitely see you again for a future upgrade!



Jocelyn, Sherbrooke

"Hello Nicolas,

I am completely satisfied with my system! What can we say about the Tannoys! Every day for a little over 2 weeks I have been rediscovering my musical classics! The soundstage and stereo effect are really impressive and I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bass, the clarity of the mids and highs. Excellent balance.

Nicolas listened to my needs (and my budget) from the start. He's an audio enthusiast long before he was a salesman. The listening session went beyond my expectations: speakers, amps, CD quality streaming, cabling... we listened/compared/discussed to arrive at the best possible choice for me. Thank you for your availability, your frankness and your desire to learn! Keep it up!

Looking forward,



Denis, Jonquière

"For several months now I have been looking to replace my speakers dating back more than twenty years. By searching the internet I found these

which seemed to suit me best. Nicolas' expertise confirmed my choice. I am completely satisfied with his advice.

A true professional who you can trust.

Thank you Nicolas!!!!”


Michel, Montreal

"I just wanted to bring out the exquisite service provided by Nicolas at Son Ultime, I have been a music lover for the past 25 years and I have never had an in-store experience as satisfying as my encounter with Nicolas.

This young man has a bright future in the audio business, an excellent listener, he always tries to find the perfect product for the job, I am glad I have made the choice to go through Son Ultime for all my Bryston need.

Hope you will keep him as a Bryston dealer for a long time."


Michael, Montreal

“I just wanted to bring out the exquisite service provided by Nicolas at Son Ultime, I have been a music lover for the past 25 years and I have never had an in-store experience as satisfying as my encounter with Nicolas.

This young man has a bright future in the audio business, an excellent listener, he always tries to find the perfect product for the job, I am glad I have made the choice to go through Son Ultime for all my Bryston need.

Hope you will keep him as a Bryston dealer for a long time”


Guy, Bark Lake

“Hello Nicolas,

I received the delivery Friday afternoon and I didn't have time to write you this message before.

I wanted to tell you that everything was impeccable and I am extremely satisfied all round, continue on this path and above all don't give up!

I connected it to my amp and it's exactly the sound I was looking for and what's more, with my deafness I have less difficulty hearing voices while listening to a film. I will contact you later when I make the sale of my other equipment, because I want to complete all of my cinema in this Center, sub and rear range.

Once again thank you!"


Yves, Montreal

"I was looking for new speakers  for my audio system, but which ones? How much did I have to spend to have a more colorful sound in the bass, but without losing the detail in the mids and highs or the stage effect of my Magneplanar panels which were a little too bland?

While looking for my answers on the Internet, I was attracted by the presentation of the Son Ultime site and a telephone exchange with Nicolas convinced me to go for a walk to Orford with my integrated amplifier to test some speakers in a well-appointed studio.

After a few hours spent hearing and re-hearing a few models in my price range, it was time to test  their strengths and weaknesses to my ear, I set my sights on the Tannoy Revolution XT 8F.

By sharing my impressions with Nicolas and his feedback, my choice was refined and I was able to make an informed choice. This is certainly not unrelated to the fact that today, I am happy with my purchase.

I appreciate Nicolas' professionalism, availability and dynamism, as well as an authenticity that cannot be denied."


Sylvain, Sherbrooke

"A first meeting of 2 and a half hours during which I had the great pleasure of listening, comparing, discovering a whole range of excellent quality materials!

Available, presenting the history and technology of his products, Nicolas offered me different options adapted to my desires, my needs, and my budget. My technical knowledge in the field being quite limited, my budget not being the most incredible, Nicolas knew how to perfectly put himself at my level.

An excellent hearing and purchasing experience, followed by very good after-sales service!”


Normand, Montreal

"Reconciling studies and audio is possible!

I explain to you. I am 23 years old and I am a university student. As far back as I can remember I have always loved music. A passion that I developed with my father over time.

A few months ago, my father did business with Nicolas to upgrade his speakers and amps. That's when I fell in love with Tannoy. I wanted some too!

After a few weeks of searching the internet to read different articles and reviews, I decided to contact Nicolas. My biggest fear was the budget. I wondered if it was possible to nourish this passion while respecting a limited budget. Well, I was extremely surprised to find out that it was possible!

After a listening session in one of the Son Ultime listening rooms, I decided on Mercury. And yes, Tannoys! Whether for the user, a demo or new, Nicolas will find you the item you need without sales pressure.

I love my Tannoys!

 Thank you Nicolas,

Matthew of Sherbrooke.


Normand, Granby

"I would like to share the experience I had at Son Ultime. Because above all Nicolas gives us a real musical experience while sharing his technical knowledge with us

With him, we feel that we can take the time necessary to provide a true musical listening experience and his knowledge of the components he offers is completely impeccable. My choice finally fell on the Tannoy Definition and what joy they gave me when I plugged them in to listen to them, once I got home.

Thank you Nicolas for giving me the Tannoy experience!

Norman of Granby


Eloise and Alain, Quebec

"Having been looking for second-hand speakers for a few months, I found myself like many others on the Son Ultime website.

Original and rather interesting concept, this audio store is by appointment only. Enough to pique my curiosity...

After exchanging a few emails, we decided to make an appointment with Nicolas.

He took the necessary time (on a beautiful sunny Sunday...) to guide us in our purchase and give us valuable advice.

The XT 8F provides excellent value for money, and this is the purchase we made that day.

Thank you Nicolas for the sound environment that you made available to us, for your time and for your advice!

We will come back...

Éloise and Alain, Quebec"


Alain, Drummondville

"Hello everyone! My goal in high fidelity is to improve little by little. After purchasing a pair of xt8 f, I considered I had made a big leap.

Nicolas came to deliver me a pair of Turnberry GR from the prestige series yesterday afternoon. I think I need a parachute because the results are incredible! Thank you Nicolas for the good advice and excellent service!”


Luc, Montreal

“I would like to share the experience I had with Son Ultime. 

I did business with Nicolas Grégoire on different occasions for the resale of audio equipment that I wanted to dispose of.  It has always been a real pleasure and I was quickly impressed by the real passion that drives this young entrepreneur.  I have just used Nicolas' services again, but this time to obtain a pair of Tannoy speakers.  I never felt any form of pressure from him to make me buy this or that product.  However, it was with great patience that he informed me of what he could offer me. 

With him, we feel that we can take the time we need to truly listen to music and his knowledge of the components he offers is completely impeccable.  My choice finally fell on the Tannoy Revolution XT8T and the happiness they give me only increases with use!

Thank you Mr Grégoire!



Tony, Montreal

"I decided to upgrade one of my amplifiers, so after looking around a little, I called Nicolas, who I had called once before about two or three years ago, but I didn't do business with him at the time. I was impressed by his professionalism, often if you don't buy from a store they are not as nice. 

So back to 2016, I called Nicolas, talked to him about what I was Looking for (Bryston 4bsst2). After a few minutes of audio talk, he gave me a couple of options, one of which is the new Bryston 4b-Cubed. He was going to be at the audio show at the Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal, so he said he could bring an amp to the show and I could go pick it up there. Very quick, easy and pleasant experience of audio gear purchasing. I had a question for him and he called me back promptly, even though he was busy at the audio show. I would definitely deal with Nicolas in the future. Thanks Nicolas. 

Tony from Montreal


Louis, Quebec

"Ultimate sound and ultimate service,

For several weeks now, I have been looking for second-hand speakers in excellent condition.

It was during one of my internet searches that I discovered Son Ultime. After an overview of the Son Ultime website, I called Nicolas Grégoire to discuss my needs. 

After two telephone calls, I was won over; so I traveled to meet him and listen to his Tannoy speakers.

Nicolas knows his stuff. He made me listen to different speakers and I was attracted by a pair of Tannoys that he had taken from a customer and which I bought.

When you go to Nicolas, it is by appointment. The latter therefore gives you all the time you need; you are alone with him and you can discuss your needs quietly. No pressure here, just good advice.

I will definitely do business with Nicolas again.

Louis, Quebec"


Luc, Eastman

"A little word Nicolas to thank you for your patience, listening, professionalism and without forgetting your precious knowledge.

Immediately I felt at ease in your precious listening room. 

My purchase is a major “upgrade” for me.

 Well done.

Luke, Eastman


Denis, Brossard

"Three years after my purchase of Tannoy from Nicolas, I have not regretted my choice for a single moment and I am still rediscovering today sounds that I had never heard before on my own records. An excellent quality/price ratio in the audio market.

Bravo Nicolas for your professionalism!

Denis in Brossard


Gilles, St-Eustache

"Weird meeting, one based on communication and information. No quick sales pressure, just one person with a need and another who wants to fill it adequately  and without compromise. Out of the ordinary service with a good dose of honesty. I will come back for sure. I really enjoyed my visit and our discussions, I am happy with my purchase. Mission accomplished, thank you Nicolas, we did (together) a good job.




Robert, St-Constant

“Thank you Nicolas, exceptional demonstration service.

Bravo, you know audio well and you guided me well in my choice of speakers...Tannoy is excellent value for money. The trip was worth it...we'll see you again for an amp.

Thank you and long life to your business.

Robert, a new customer."


Jacques and Guylaine, Sherbrooke

“Time flies. 35 years with devices chosen one day with care but having recently given up the ghost.

We wanted to renew our equipment but were terribly lacking information on today's products.

Nicolas has this intuition of the situation of others, rare in a trader, allowing him to make more informed choices. A good teacher, the fact that he spent time explaining the different options to us quite impressed us!

Jacques and Guylaine


Jacques, Sainte-Julie

"I searched a lot on the internet and in the ads to find used ones at a good price until I came across the Son Ultime website. I found some interesting devices. I took the chance to take a look and wonder if I would be welcomed as I have been in the past by certain “sellers” of high-end devices. Well, not at all! Nicolas received me without asking what was my budget. Whether I bought $2,000 or $20,000 doesn't make a difference in his eyes. He is really professional and courteous.

It starts with the speakers (the main one in the audio chain) and then the amplification.

He takes the time he needs without making you feel uncomfortable if you are not up to his level of knowledge.

I came out with new equipment at the price I wanted and, what's more, the result exceeded my expectations.

A true professional who I will certainly recommend in the future."

 Thank you Nicolas!


René, Montreal

"Its ultimate a boutique to discover and adopt!

I was particularly impressed by the welcome from Nicolas Grégoire during my first meeting at the Son Ultime boutique. A courteous and simple welcome that I have rarely experienced during my meetings and research for the purchase of high fidelity devices Nicolas is exceptionally available and he knows his products and the complex world extremely well. high-level musical listening.

He presented me with the entire range of his products suitable for all budgets, regardless of the amount you want to spend on your audio system, he remains just as passionate and gives good advice. He guides you without influencing your approach, he supports you in your choices by communicating his knowledge, his impressions, his experience with a frankness that is rarely found in specialized stores.



Martin, Grandmother

"Being very difficult to please, I was perplexed by listening to the Tannoy products that Nicolas was selling to me. So much so that I went there to finally listen to this legendary brand. Well anchored in the couch, my ears were captivated by the smallest details that the speakers offered...a natural sound timbre, a detailed sound and an ease of rendering the stereophonic content transparent. Nicolas explained to me the difference of each speaker like an enthusiast, so that no matter the range and budget, everyone will find the qualities they are looking for.

I chose the Turnberry GR, and I greatly appreciate them every day. Thanks to the professionalism of Nicolas Grégoire, in no case does he try to sell us an inaccessible product and always offers an alternative for our budget.

 I have heard several speakers in my life, but I have never had as much emotion as with Tannoy products. Add Son Ultime to your list."


Claude, North Shore

The Tannoy sound has always intrigued me, a legendary brand in the loudspeaker world. Being on vacation in the Sherbrooke region, I decided to make an appointment with Mr. Nicolas Grégoire of SonUltime.

In less than 10 minutes spent at Nicolas's house, my wife and I noticed that we were staying with a sound enthusiast. It is indisputable, Tannoy is very well represented by Nicolas. He knows the entire range of this brand very well. From one model to another, he knows the main characters down to the most subtle ones that can distinguish them. Plus, he has them all in inventory. Thus, my wife and I were able to enjoy a very informative listening session. A listening session that I would classify in the friend category, the one you do when visiting an audiophile friend. It is of course without any purchasing pressure that we finished this very pleasant listening session.

Finally, a few days later, I called Nicolas to confirm my intention to buy Turnberry. The softness of the details and the richness of the Tannoy sound remained in our memory…!


Alain, Drummondville

"A big thank you to Nicolas Grégoire for a superb listening session, which allowed me to acquire a magnificent pair of tannoy revolution xt 8f. Thank you nicolas for the excellent service and without forgetting His Ultime from magog orford" .


Lucienne, Sherbrooke

"Why did I purchase an Ultime sound system? It's because of the quality of the advice, listening to music with different equipment and above all answering all the questions with precision without looking at the time that it takes.

In addition, Mr. Nicolas Grégoire came to my home to install the system while taking the time to explain to me how the system works. Additionally, he took the time to show me how to import CDs into my computer and listen to them remotely in my system.

Mr. Grégoire only left after I had completely mastered the system!

Congratulations to this young person who is only 24 years old and for the lessons he has given to a “young” 78 year old woman ah ha!

Thank you for the quality of your good work.



Michel, Saint-Hippolyte

"Back from Orford.... Why Orford? For an exceptional musical experience at Son Ultime! A personalized service specializing in Tannoy products, where the owner receives us at his home by appointment, and gives us all his time! A few hours to discuss with Nicolas Grégoire and my cousin Stéphane about our passion for Tannoy. We did a graduated listening respecting my budget for an ideal choice of acoustic speakers and more... we were able to listen, among others, to the legendary Westminster GR and sip a very good scotch, leave happy with a well-considered purchase without pressure. Stopping by Nicolas is a must for any high fidelity lover! Thank you Nicolas for the experience and Stéphane for the lift!!!!


Louise and Yvon, Eastman

Louise: "Son Ultime with Nicolas Grégoire is undoubtedly the Ultimate choice to make to enjoy a high-performance home cinema. Nicolas takes the time to advise us so that we are satisfied and get by without worry in order to benefit from his investment. He has a commitment to a job well done and an extraordinary knowledge of this field.. Bravo!”.

Yvon: "Before purchasing a high-end sound system or a home theater, call Mr. Grégoire from Son Ultime. A man who takes the time to advise you through his experience and his extraordinary service. You will do business with a very knowledgeable specialist, polite and kind.”


Alain, Sherbrooke

Hello everyone,

My first contacts with Nicolas were by email.  I was looking for used audio equipment.  The Son Ultime website had a small second-hand section but it didn't have what I was looking for.  I still decided to try a request by email, I had nothing to lose.  This turned out to be a very good decision!

No, Nicolas didn't have what I was looking for in a "user".  However, we exchanged several emails about what I was looking for, a mixture of “need” and “want” but with the limitations of “budget”…

I had sent different similar requests to other high-fidelity stores.  I had received responses of “yes, here is the price” and “no, but here is a quote for a new equivalent” and nothing else.  Relatively cold responses.  With Nicolas, I communicated by email for a few weeks, sometimes with relatively long emails...  This personally appealed to me because I saw a real audio enthusiast and not just “a salesman”.  Nicolas had no guarantee that all the time spent communicating by email with me would result in a sale or not.

I finally gave up on the user and went for something new.  Nicolas made me an absolutely irresistible offer on new equipment!  I have so far purchased a very high-end amplifier and a DAC and I am very satisfied with my purchases.

If large commercial outlets discourage you, if you are looking for audio products bearing a “hi-fi” label, with professional service and excellent expertise in the field, which will specifically meet your expectations, I recommend that you put “Sound Ultimate” at the top of your list.


Michael, Sherbrooke

“Thank you Nicolas for this wonderful meeting.

Having been a music enthusiast for several years, I have had the opportunity to meet many salespeople or advisors.

A few have stood out from the crowd, and you are one of them.

Your listening, your patience and above all this passion that drives you and that you take the time to share with us.

With you, we feel confident. Thank you for your sound advice because today I can make an informed decision about my real needs.

I recommend Son Ultime to all music enthusiasts and to those who are less passionate about becoming one.

We'll see you again soon, Nicolas."


André, Sainte-Catherine (Translation)

"I needed to update my high fidelity system purchased more than 20 years ago. Having recently moved from another country, I was looking for a new dealer. I found everything I was looking for at Son Ultime and its owner, Nicolas Grégoire: a salesman who was entirely at my service during my visit, a showroom which allows me to compare the different audio systems, a consultant who listens to my needs and who is ready to provide me with information, and prices which are made truly competitive because of the low overheads. Nicolas generously offers his time which makes the purchase rewarding for you! 

In fact, Nicolas is not really a salesman, he is a very competent consultant! Son Ultime is the ultimate place to make your next HiFi purchases! After spending several hours with him in his showroom and at my home, I'm sure you won't regret it!”


Denis-André, Sherbrooke

"First of all, I would like to thank Nicolas for the time he devoted to me during my numerous calls and especially, during my first visit to him (because I needed information on certain devices).

Dear readers, if you want my opinion, don't waste any more of your precious time shopping around the audio stores and especially the big box stores, of which I'm too polite to name their names. I personally consider them to be the ¨fast food¨ of audio-video where they serve you and move on to the next one, without taking the time to understand your needs.

But if you want service before, during and after ¨outstanding¨, I strongly advise you to contact Nicolas because not only, despite his young age, is he very competent in his field. He is not afraid to take his time explaining without having to use pretentious terms to impress you. He is extremely down to earth. With very competitive prices, for all wallets and in addition to the time he devotes to you, it is quite exceptional, it is a rare commodity these days!

So thank you again Nicolas and congratulations on your sales philosophy and be assured of having me as a customer for several years to come. Continue your excellent, passionate work.

A very, very satisfied customer."


Réjean, Granby

"I recently bought Tannoy Kensington GR and a Primaluna dialogue preamp. After years (at least 10 years) of research and various tests and a lot of money; I can say that finally Nicolas was able to give me the sound that I was looking for.

Exceptional before and after sales service: he came to my home twice to adjust and install my new acquisitions, brought with him cables and even a Bryston amp to do tests, He does not calculate his time and he knows what he's talking about. I highly recommend giving him a call, checking out his presentation studio and considering a purchase that will satisfy you.

'If hifi is your dream, Nicolas has the answer!'  "


Viden, Terrebonne

"Recently, I purchased a Bryston SP3 preamp/processor from Son Ultime. It was a pleasure to have discussed with a young ''entrepreneurship'' in the hi-fi audio-video field. Young entrepreneur who is a fan of Bryston and Tannoy products, however owns several other products such as Marantz, Esoteric, Prima Luna, etc. Even more surprising, I noticed that he has very good knowledge on other products. Even more pleasant is that you can take all the time you need to try products without feeling like you're obligated to buy there. By the way, the store is located in an ideal place for listening. Bravo Nicolas!”


Robert, Sherbrooke

"A little over a year ago, I purchased a pair of Tannoy speakers and a Bryston integrated amplifier from Son Ultime. I must say that buying from Son Ultime represents above all an experience where customer satisfaction is put first. Furthermore, Nicolas Grégoire is very generous in passing on his high-fidelity knowledge. Listening remains the cornerstone of a good purchase in this area, and there is no doubt that it benefits from a relaxed climate, thus favoring the perception of different sound nuances. I am therefore very happy to share my enthusiasm and recommend Son Ultime to anyone considering the purchase of hi-fi components."


Frédéric, Drummondville

"I've owned these famous tannoy dc8t speakers for 5 days now and I just can't believe it! I wonder if I'll ever come back :). Seriously, all the little details you can go for search are even more striking when you listen to music that you have already listened to in the past. This detailed sound that was previously unknown to me really made me addicted :).

I had known the brand for some time without really having had the chance to hear about it, but I had heard several very positive comments. By going to Son Ultime, I had the chance to hear several ranges of high fidelity products and above all the chance to meet a conscientious and passionate professional who deserves to be known. Today, companies that know how to put the customer's needs and satisfaction first while offering a warm and personalized service are rare and you, Nicolas, do it with masterful hands :). 

I am very satisfied with my purchase and as you said so well I will not regret it. In a few years I would like to look for some Bryston... now I know who I can go see!

Long live His Ultimate!!".


Roger, Montreal

"I was really surprised by the knowledge acquired by Nicolas from His Ultimate. I thought that he was probably in his forties when speaking with him on the telephone during our first interviews. I was amazed by his young age and his enormous knowledge towards this world which has evolved dramatically over the last 50 years.  At the same time, I was on my guard towards the big Tannoy world. I didn't really know this company despite my knowledge of the industry. I am from the Peace and Love period, therefore, from the period of vinyls and magnetic tapes.  Given Nicolas' professional vision, I began to consider perhaps a purchase in relation to boxes of his Tannoy. I experienced a crazy story that I won't tell here, I keep this secret between me and Nicolas.


Which ended with a purchase of 2 Canterbury GR. I can affirm, confirm, attest after listening to them at home with my tapes and vinyls that the sound that these boxes project towards my ears is apart from anything I had heard in the past.  Since I'm a bit of a maniac, I had about 32 pairs of sound boxes from different companies in my home. I liked to compare the sounds of each brand which differ from one to another.  Nothing comes close to these boxes, believe me. Of course Nicolas strongly influenced me to connect them with Bryston devices. An irreproachable marriage whatever this choice was.


I have nothing but praise to lavish on Nicolas. He is professional while being a preppy type. Not awkward, welcoming, caring and always looking to give the best of himself.  It represents a real sure value for Tannoy and truly lives up to this great global company founded in the 1920s of our century. If you want to receive a course 101,201,301,401 and so on, contact Nicolas and he will be very happy to serve you to the best of his talent."


Denis, Montreal

“The first time I listened to the Tannoy speakers was a most astounding audio experience for me.  I was far from thinking that speakers of such exceptional quality could be within the reach of “almost” all budgets.

The round trip from Montreal to Orford was worth the trip because Nicolas' personalized service before and after the sale puts the customer completely at ease in the composition, the perfect combination (amp/speakers) and the choices that His Ultimate offers us.

No stress of an urban environment, the calm and charm of the place predispose to harmonic listening in the purest silence.  Nicolas uses patience and listens with his clients to put them in tune with... HIS ULTIMATE.

I highly recommend this experience for the pleasure of your ears and all your senses. "


Normand, Sherbrooke

“In the spring of 2011 I was a frustrated music lover.  I then met Nicolas Grégoire who, in the end, was able, point by point, step by step, to transform this frustration into warm and instructive auditory well-being.

His professionalism, at this age, is impressive and his knowledge just as much.  He is trustworthy and wisely knows how to propose compromises and even alternatives.  You just need to enter into dialogue with your passion, which may be the same passion that leads you to seek your help.

We crossed paths at the intersection of music mania and audiophilia where the glory of a beautiful recording shines forth for our greatest pleasure.

Thank you Nicolas for the Tannoy tasting."


Mario, Danville

"For some time, I wanted to get started with turntables and good old vinyl. Since the trend was growing, I was more and more curious to discover this famous warm sound that everyone talks about in magazines and on forums Internet.

I first purchased a turntable from a retailer in Montreal.  My first moments of listening at home were a disaster.  I was very disappointed because I knew I had been given bad advice.  Being convinced that I could get much better like his, decided to improve my situation by dealing directly with a professional.  So I contacted Nicolas Grégoire from Son Ultime.  Not wanting to invest too much money, I was initially very embarrassed to do business with such a big brand retailer.  But I had nothing to lose.  To my great surprise, Nicolas invited me to bring my entire sound system to his listening room, in order to evaluate each piece of my stereo to discover what the weak points and strong points of my system were. I was surprised by his great kindness.

Once everything was installed in his demonstration room, Nicolas took all the time necessary to show me my system with this column, this amp, etc. He dissected everything by explaining everything to me in detail.  I felt served like a king.  I understood that no matter the budget allocated to the purchase of my stereo, Nicolas will dedicate himself body and soul to finding the best solution for me.  Its professionalism has exceeded in every respect all the shops that I have known in recent years. The time he took to share his knowledge and demonstrate the benefits of different products is worth more than gold.  At Son Ultime I felt respected and served like a very important customer.  I never thought I would experience this quality of service in the sales world.

I left with Tannoy speakers, Marrantz equipment and turntable. I even surprised myself by adding a TEAC DAC for listening to digital music.  I now have the best of both worlds, analog and digital.  This new system is for me a source of relaxation, unparalleled moments of escape, the pleasure of astonishing musical discovery and the satisfaction of the most remarkable sound quality.

Thank you Nicolas, Thank you His Ultimate!”


Michel, Eastern Townships

“Quality listening regarding the nature of my needs and my budget. Well explained professional advice.

Purchase and installation at home: 5-star personalized service.

Son Ultime and Nicolas hold on to their excellent reputation which is fully justified.

A satisfied customer!”


Stéphane, Sherbrooke

"After a little over 100 hours of break-in, I can now fully appreciate my new Marantz CD6005 CD player. Following numerous researches on specialized sites, I made my choice on this critically acclaimed model. The prestigious British magazine WHAT HI-FI recently awarded it a perfect score, calling it the best buy under $1000. I was somewhat skeptical at first, thinking that in the end the CD player doesn't make that much of a difference in overall sound quality. I must say that the CD6005 far exceeds all my expectations. I have never had such natural sound and at the same time hyper detail (without being "clinical") with a stereo image specifies where each instrument seems better defined. The voices stand out and give the impression of being right in the room! As a bonus, a USB port where we can plug in our iPod, iPhone and other iPads or even a USB key containing our playlists in WAV format. It's hard to do better for approx. $600 CDN.

It's also difficult to have better service than at Son Ultime. Nicolas Grégoire the owner is an audiophile but also a enthusiast who offers an extraordinary personalized service. A rarity in this 21st century… ".


Denis, Montreal

“I am fully satisfied with my choice from “Son Ultime” (if I had to do it again, I would choose the same components) I discovered certain sounds that I had not yet heard on my KEF and my NAD.

I advertise to you during each “sound party” that I have at home with passing friends, telling them that it is the best quality/price ratio on the market. It's a shame that my turnover is so low, because I'll indulge in doing crazy things in your showroom...

I never fail to read each of the submissions you publish, they are interesting because I have become a Tannoy addict.

Thanks and bravo once again !! ".