In a context of the fight against global warming and aware of the impact of the transport activities of gasoline vehicles, Son Ultime has equipped itself with a Tesla S and a Ford Lightning for consultations, deliveries and installations with its customers throughout Quebec.

They were chosen by Son Ultime for their great 100% electric autonomy, their network of Superchargers well established in Quebec, their 5-star safety rating as well as their large loading capacity.

Also, for customers who wish to recharge their electric vehicles while traveling to the Son Ultime demonstration room, the following charging infrastructure is available:

- Two NACS Tesla terminals at Son Ultime (Please contact Son Ultime to reserve)

- Supercharge 150KW Tesla 5 km from Son Ultime in Magog.

- 4 BRCC electric circuit terminals 5 km from Son Ultime in Magog