66 Rel Acoustics Event

New Ultimate Sound and Audiophile Evening Ultimate Sound 14, REL!

For this 14th Audiophile evening of Son Ultime, we welcomed REL to Son Ultime! Legendary manufacturer and pioneer in the use of High Fidelity Subwoofers.

For the entire evening, we had the honor of welcoming Trent Suggs, “North American Sales Director” from REL, all the way from North Carolina.

Trent presented us with the history of REL since its founding as well as its technological developments which have stood out from the competition.

Then, we entered into the foundations of the acoustics of a Subwoofer and its principles of integration into a stereophonic system: A particular note to the unique technology of the REL input filtration circuit for the “High Level Input” .

Listening and comparisons were made on a pair of REL 212/SEs. It should be noted that REL perfectly respects the principle of integration with 2 Subs for a stereo system. We were treated to performances never before obtained at Son Ultime!

Since the beginning of the Audiophile Evenings taking place at Son Ultime, listening has been done on Tannoy Kingdom Royal speakers. These are our benchmark and we have just reached a new “level” thanks to the 212/SE. Absolutely incomparable impact and depth while maintaining a subtlety and precision in the bass that is simply impossible to reproduce with acoustic speakers.

Here we have just found the next level of High Fidelity: The addition of a pair of REL Subwoofers. As it happened, the pair of 212/SEs were sold during the evening and installed in one of the participants' homes the next morning!

A big thank you to Trent for his most conclusive presentation, worthy of a true Master of High Fidelity!

See you next evening!