58 Ultimate Sound Event Tannoy Definition Sub, SuperTweeter

Audiophile Evening Son Ultime 10, Tannoy DefinitionSub/SuperTweeterGR

With or Without Sub? With or Without SuperTweeter? Good questions!

These are questions that have been debated in audiophile communities for years.
Some will advocate the use of very refined systems (the Purists). Others at
On the contrary, they will prefer to add as much equipment as possible in order to improve
different aspects of the sound of their system.

For this 10th Ultimate Sound Audiophile Evening, we proceeded differently than in
the habit.

Indeed, instead of comparing equipment models in regular function
such as speakers/amplifiers/sources/etc., we have carried out tests on
additional elements. We therefore based this evening on the use or not of
Subwoofer and SuperTweeter.

Models in testing:

Subwoofer: Tannoy Definition Sub

SuperTweeter: Tannoy Prestige SuperTweeter GR

The 2 main lines of the results:

- The SuperTweeter generates a larger sound “Image” throughout the room. The interest
is therefore not to obtain more precise or more detailed treble but rather to impose itself
more in front of the Mid/Bass.

An addition that is likely unanimous!

Equipment of this Achievement