49 Oracle Audio Ultimate Sound Event

Ultimate Sound Evening 5, Special Oracle Audio!

Division into 2 main parts:

1: Presentation and piece by piece assembly of an Oracle Delphi mkVI Gen 2 by Jacques Riendeau. An impeccable presentation based mainly on the transmission of knowledge:

-Concepts on decoupling and drive mechanics
-Materials and components
-Machining and assembly

2: Presentation of a program of music/recordings which demonstrate the undeniable strengths of the Delphi MkVI Gen2

I would also like to highlight the presence of the first audiophile COUPLE at one of the Son Ultime evenings!

A big thank you to the entire Oracle team and in particular to Jacques and Martin for their extraordinary involvement in this wonderful evening!

Stéphane Nadeau (President)
Jacques Riendeau (Director of Operations)
Martin Lefebvre (Sales Director)
Peter Guerrero (Electronic Engineer)

See you next evening!

Equipment of this Achievement