141 McIntosh Installation, Sonus Faber

This is phase #2 of a major Upgrade for a hybrid Cinema/Stereo system.

We have already presented phase #1 in the Achievement:

125 Installation Oracle Delphi Signature, McIntosh, Sonus Faber

For phase #2, we added the necessary components to transform this stereophonic system into a true hybrid Stereo/Cinema system without


The logical continuation of the system in terms of acoustic speakers was obviously the use of the Vox as central and the Olympica Nova Wall as surrounds. These are “natural” additions to transform a stereophonic system based on the Sonus Faber Serafino into a hybrid Stereo/Cinema system.


The system being intended for both cinema and stereo, the use of typically cinema subwoofers was to be avoided because of their “Boomy” characteristic. We therefore opted for a pair of REL Carbon Specials which support High-Level in stereo as well as LFE channels in cinema. A perfect balance of power, control and precision!

Hybrid System:

The MX123A/MC255 form the Cinema duo while the C2700/MC1.25kW are the heart of the Stereo system. When the system is used in stereo mode, the C2700 and MC1.25KW are in
function and constitute a complete high fidelity system. When the system is used in cinema mode, the C2700 automatically enters “Passthru” mode to deactivate itself. This allows the MX123A to use the MC1.25KW as a power amplifier for the Left/Right fronts.

-Son Ultime is installed everywhere in Quebec!