140 Cinema Installation Phase #3

This is phase #3 of a major Upgrade for a hybrid Cinema/Stereo system.

We already presented phase #2 on December 30, 2020 which mainly consisted of the installation of the Mcintosh QuadBalanced amplification.

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118 Cinema Installation Phase #2

For phase #3, we optimized the system in 3 areas:


Although the customer was very well served with the Sons Faber Homage Tradition speakers, he mentioned to us the desire to seek more dynamics, impact and presence in the mid-frequency range. We took advantage of the arrival of the Diamond D4 series from Bowers & Wilkins. In our opinion, this series is a world reference for this type of high-performance hybrid Stereo/Cinema application.

Power supply and wiring:

When we have the chance to work on a system of this caliber, it is essential to optimize the power supply and interconnection of the devices. Here we use an almost complete Shunyata system. The primary objective is to guarantee almost total elimination of electrical noise. The heart of the system is made up of 2 Denali 6000 v2s followed by a combination of wiring from the Venom and Delta v2 ranges.


In terms of projection image quality, JVC Pro is one if not the benchmark in this area. We installed a JVC Pro RS3100 8K with Laser BluEscent technology. This is the same projector model that we use at Son Ultime.

In a word: WoW!

The performance of the system is completely incredible and only required a minimum of calibration given the quality of the components and the acoustic treatment already in place.

-Son Ultime is installed everywhere in Quebec!

Equipment of this Achievement