118 Cinema Installation Phase #2

This is phase #2 of a major Upgrade for the Cinema/Stereo hybrid system.

We have already presented the installation of Sous Faber Homage Tradition speakers
(Serafino, Vox) and Olympica Nova Wall during Phase #1.

See links:
93 Cinema Installation Phase #1

For Phase #2, we installed a no-compromise 2-pronged solution:

Amplification: 3 QuadBalanced McIntosh MC611 monoblocks for LCR (Left Center
Right) as well as a Mcintosh MC257 for the 2 Surround and 4 Atmos channels. A
amplification worthy of an Ultimate cinema! Beautiful! =D

Subwoofer: The system being intended for both cinema and stereo, the use of typically cinema subwoofers was to be avoided because of their “Boomy” characteristic. We therefore opted for a pair of REL 212SX which supports High-Level Fronts in stereo as well as LFE channels in cinema. A perfect balance of power, control and precision

Yoda: “May the Bass be with you…”