McIntosh MC1.25KW

Installation of the new McIntosh MC1.25KW in our reference room!

The question has often been raised as to what the real differences are between the MC611 (601) stereo and the MC1.25KW (1.2KW). However, they are both:

- Same design period

At first glance, we can only point out a power difference of 600W vs 1200W.

McIntosh MC1.25KW

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It is necessary to remember the practice in High-Fidelity which is to always physically separate the amplification channels. We see here that even for reference equipment, this rule is still true!

Once in operation, the MC601 presents us with a "Sound Image" never so defined before at Son Ultime. We have just reached a higher level at this moment!

One question remains, however: What is this gain attributable to? To higher power, physical channel separation, or both?

Equipment for this achievement