52 Tannoy Facility, McIntosh

Here is an Ultimate installation of Tannoy Definition series (DC10A) and Mcintosh (MA7900). You should know that the DC10A speaker is in fact a “modernized” version of the Prestige Kensington GR!

The “Flagship” of the Definition series, the DC10A is an acoustic loudspeaker of pure refinement which demonstrates Tannoy’s unrivaled know-how in terms of acoustic restitution. Completely respecting the physical principle of the “Dual Concentric Driver” single point source transducer, the DC10A offers us a performance that stands out remarkably.

Based on the design principles of the luxurious Prestige series and in particular the Kensington GR, this speaker is presented to us with a more modern aesthetic. Several technologies newly developed by Tannoy are present there, such as an Alcomax 3 motor magnet as well as a cone made of a chemically treated cellulose pulp composite.

Although Tannoy knows how to design speakers that meet the requirements of the greatest audiophiles in terms of sound, he also knows how to present them with works of visual art, the DC10A is no exception. Handcrafted in Scotland, the DC10A maintains the tradition of uncompromising design and exemplary manufacturing quality that has built Tannoy's reputation for over 85 years.

A true High-Fidelity system from Son Ultime!

Equipment of this Achievement