Definition Install Jean Lesperance

There's "Party with Music" and "Party with Ultimate Sound"!
In audio, a choice must always be made between "Quality" and "Power". For New Year's Day 2017, why not design an Ultimate System that offers BOTH!?
Here it is, a unique Tannoy Pro and LabGruppen Professional High Fidelity system! We are talking here about a so-called Discreet Biamplification system, an advanced technology very little used in the industry and yet far beyond passive speakers in terms of performance.
To do this, a thorough knowledge of the notions of acoustic spectrography, frequency response, acoustic phase shift and standing wave is necessary when designing this type of system.
Acoustic pressures of the order of 118db constant and 124db+ in Peak. Would you like to experience the feeling of an airplane taking off in your living room...?
A real Ultimate Sound for New Year's Day, oh yes!

Definition Install Jean Lesperance

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Materials Involved:

Premium Mahogany Wood: Exquisite, hand-selected Mahogany is meticulously shaped to create enclosures that are both visually captivating and acoustically enhancing.

Project Summary:

In "Mahogany Serenity," we embarked on a journey to redefine high-end audio. The project celebrates the raw beauty of Mahogany, expertly handcrafted into enclosures that elevate both aesthetics and sound. Each piece of wood tells a story, resonating with timeless elegance. This realization encapsulates our commitment to pushing boundaries, offering a blend of artistry and technology that transforms how you experience sound.

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