9 New Tannoy Kensington GR

The famous, timeless Kensington has succeeded, once again, in marking Tannoy's honorable heritage. Its cabinet is made of mahogany wood and has been pre-tensioned to provide the greatest strength for its own 10" Dual Concentric transducer.

This is assembled from a 2" heat-treated aluminum tweeter, an Alnico motor magnet system and a new chemically treated cellulose pulp cone offering performance, articulation and unique acoustic “image”!

The Tannoy Kensington GR is made entirely by hand in Scotland and uses a traditional joining method which ensures Tannoy's unique eye for detail. An exemplary port system for low frequencies is built into the cabinet incorporating a volume of 105 liters!

The cabinet is finished in oiled walnut wood and is adorned with a gold anodized high-frequency adjustment system. The Prestige Kensington is, in every sense, a speaker of pure refinement offering an extraordinary quality of acoustic reproduction.