67 Event His Final Evening at Charles's

Audiophile Evening Son Ultime 15, Evening at Charles!

Charles is the owner of a majestic property in the lower part of the St. Lawrence River that he
call his “Chalet”. However, for those who know him, Charles is not the type to do
things by halves...

Being close to His Ultimate since its foundation, Charles has done us a great honor!
The initial idea which was to simply go on site to make comparisons in
private session with him quickly evolved into an Ultimate Sound Audiophile Evening!

For the occasion, we all transported the equipment to his house. What looked like
more like moving than preparing for an evening!

We listened on Vinyl and Digital to:

- Tannoy Kensington GR / Tannoy Canterbury GR
- With and Without SuperTweeter
- With and Without Subwoofer REL S5

A big thank you to Charles for his warm welcome and his generosity. Also, a note
special to the gastronomic feast!

Looking forward to another evening at his “Chalet”!

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