60 Tannoy Legacy Ultimate Sound Event

Audiophile Evening Son Ultime #12, Tannoy Legacy presentation

A piece of audio history reborn, at Son Ultime!

***Above all, it should be noted that in the 70s, Tannoy's HPD series marked
deeply into the world of audio!

Indeed this series followed the legendary Monitor Gold
which, for several years already, were perceived as an Ultimate reference in the
Studio world. In the mid-80s, new series took place thus
gradually disappearing the HPD series from the market.

For decades, the HPD series remained in the memory of enthusiasts. Tannoy
received countless requests for them to relaunch this series seen to be a
classic high-fidelity.

It is therefore in 2018 that this legendary series of speakers sees the light of day again. It's a piece
of audio history that is reborn at Son Ultime!***

For this 12th Audiophile Evening of Son Ultime, we had the honor of receiving 3
key people in Tannoy!

Jamie O'Callaghan
Global Operations Director

Glenn Arentzoff
North American Sales Director

Richard Zidel
Sales Director, Quebec

Jamie first presented us with the history of Tannoy since its founding in

In a second, he presented us with the Legacy series. Not only the models
physical but the history and legacy behind the rebirth of this series outside the
common. A presentation worthy of his title as manager of Tannoy!

At the end of the evening, Glenn had prepared a completely unexpected surprise! In fact, he has
awarded to Son Ultime its very first official title, that of Tannoy Nord Retailer
American of the Year 2017! A very special moment that will remain in the memory
people present at this evening!

A very big thank you to Jamie, Glenn and Richard for their participation and involvement in
the success of Son Ultime!

Equipment of this Achievement