57 Ultimate Sound Event Tubes, Transistors

Audiophile Evening Ultimate Sound 9, Tubes/Transistors!

A highly anticipated evening!

We compared Tubes under different amplification modes to Transistors in order to
to classify the results and determine the most interesting combinations.

Models in comparison:

C52 (Transistors) vs Preamp C2600 (Tubes)

Power Amplifiers:
MC275 (Tubes) vs 2 x MC275 (Biamp Tubes)
MC275 (Tubes) vs MC75 (Monoblock Tubes)
MC75 (Monoblock Tubes) vs MC601 (Monoblock Transistors)

The main points of the evening according to a popular vote:

-The most popular system is the combination of tube preamplification and
transistor power amplification. So it was the C2600 + hybrid system

- The MC75 having a much more generous power supply than the MC275, they offer a
much greater control in the bass as well as better tonal balance
across the entire spectrum. In short, better nutrition will always be a sign of superiority!

For more information on the evening's listening, I invite you to contact me

Other system elements:

BlueSound Node 2

Food :
Bryston BIT-20

Tannoy Kingdom Royal

Audioquest (Complete System)

See you at the next Son Ultime Audiophile Evening!

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