56 New McIntosh MA8900, MA9000

Installation of the new McIntosh MA8900 and MA9000 integrated systems in our reference room!

For the new generation, McIntosh has improved several circuits in both the Phono, Preamp and PowerAmp sections. On the other hand, the major gain is in the DAC. Not only is this one clearly superior to the old generation, but it has also been designed to be replaceable in the long term.

We will not hide it, what is evolving the most rapidly in High-Fidelity systems these days is by far the digital sections such as DACs.

The DA1 was therefore designed on a scalable platform. It can therefore be replaced by an even more modern DAC in future years.

The MA8900 and MA9000, certainly the 2 best ways to obtain the legendary McIntosh sound without going for a complex system composed of several elements!

Do not hesitate to contact Son Ultime directly for more information!