55 New SolidTech Radius

Installation of the first SolidTech furniture in our cathedral room!

Given the rapid increase in equipment at Son Ultime, it was imperative not only to have greater positioning capacity but also a more rigid construction favorable to vibration control.

The SolidTech Radius series was by far the most interesting for its simple and rigid construction as well as its modular concept. Indeed, this is a Duo4, a model that does not even exist “Officially” at SolidTech. Very convenient!

Honestly, I've had the chance to work with audio furniture of all kinds for almost 10 years in the field and I can say without a doubt that the Radius series represents unrivaled value in the market. Considering:

- Design (aesthetic)
- Construction (Vibration control)
- Rigidity
- Modular Concept
- Choice of colors
- Possible options (Shock absorbers, addition of weight in the pillars, etc.)

The Radius series from SolidTech, real High-Fidelity furniture!

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