47 New McIntosh C1100

Installation of the McIntosh C1100 Reference Preamplifier at Son Ultime!

I've been wondering for a while now if there was a real gain from moving from the C2600 to the C1100. I must admit to being greatly impressed by the precision and sound openness of the C1100!

For those who saw the presentation of the installation of the MC601 Power Amplifiers, I highlighted the High Fidelity practice of channel separation. However, I can here highlight the practice of separating the PowerSupply and the Preamplification circuit!

Here we see once again that even for reference equipment, this rule is still true!

On the technical side, it should be remembered that tube amplifier circuits always create a much higher level of distortion than transistor ones. On the other hand, McIntosh was able to develop a unique circuit allowing the C1100 to lower its distortion level varying from 0.0009% to 0.005%. For comparison, the solid-state McIntosh C52 measures at 0.003%. So here we are talking about the tube preamplifier that develops the lowest level of distortion in the world?

I sincerely believe that this is quite simply the best Stereo Preamplifier in the Hi-Fi industry!

Equipment of this Achievement