23 Event Son Ultime Tannoy Prestige

2016 is the 90th anniversary of the world's oldest and most respected loudspeaker company, Tannoy!

For this event, Tannoy created a global limited edition of a unique speaker. These are the GRF90, named in honor of the founder of Tannoy in 1926, Mr. Guy R Fontaine. Son Ultime, being a Tannoy specialist, was lucky enough to obtain 2 pairs out of the 90 worldwide!

We therefore organized a small evening for audiophiles for this occasion. The GRF90s prove to be truly exceptional speakers worthy of the most refined systems in the high fidelity industry. A very interesting point, both on a technological and sonic basis, the GRF90 can very easily be considered as a simplified version of the famous Kingdom Royal at the top of the large family of Tannoy speakers.

A big thank you to Mr. Ladrie for his welcome as well as to Mr. Pelletier for the photos =)