159 Ultrafeet MC installation, McIntosh MT5

Here is a perfect example of an installation of a McIntosh MT5 turntable to which we added Ultrafeets from Bassocontinuo.

The Bassocontinuo Ultrafeets MC Edition are high-performance decoupling devices specifically designed for McIntosh electronic equipment. These feet have been rigorously tested in the laboratory, demonstrating their ability to reduce the transmission of negative vibrations and dissipate energy in the form of heat, which enhances sound staging, detail, and dynamics. Available in four models (Small, Medium, Large, and Turntable), they replace the original feet of McIntosh devices, covering the entire range.

Laboratory tests, particularly with an accelerometer, have confirmed the effectiveness of the Ultrafeets MC Edition, especially in the low-frequency range, which improves sound stage focus and dynamics. Son Ultime has also conducted internal tests, validating their performance.

Son Ultime regularly uses the Ultrafeets MC Edition to optimize the performance of McIntosh electronics. Their ability to improve sound quality and reduce vibrations makes them essential for any high-end installation.

You can order the Ultrafeets MC Edition directly from the Son Ultime website:


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