154 Installation 801D4, MX123A, C53, MC1.25KW

Here is our most recent achievement, a total metamorphosis of a passionate client's audio system!


Initially fulfilled by its first generation Bowers & Wilkins 703s, the desire to move to the next level led to an ultimate upgrade to the 801 D4s. Our goal was clear: to build a complete system around the 801 D4, thus optimizing the experience in both stereo and cinema.

Hybrid Stereo/Cinema System:

The McIntosh MX123A processor orchestrates the entire cinema signal, while the C53 preamplifier is dedicated to the stereophonic portion. In stereo mode, the C53 uses its DAC/Preamp. When switching to cinema mode, the C53 automatically switches to "Passthru" mode, disabling its DAC/Preamp to allow the MX123A to connect directly to the MC1.25KW monoblocks for the left/right channels.


This achievement embodies a no-compromise approach with the use of McIntosh MC1.25KW monoblocks to power the front left/right channels. These exceptional amplifiers, at the heart of many of our projects, deliver unique power and richness of sound.

Welcome to a world where every note and nuance is elevated to new heights, delivering an auditory experience that transcends expectations.

His Ultimate:

B&W Diamond specialist retailer #1 in Quebec

McIntosh specialist retailer #1 in Quebec

The largest McIntosh inventory in Quebec

Installed everywhere in Quebec

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