153 Installation Shunyata Omega and Sigma V2

We are delighted to share with you a recent Achievement for one of our passionate high fidelity clients.

You can view our previous installation at his home in the Realization:

115 Installation Audio Research, Norstone

Our customer, who previously used cables from another well-known manufacturer, recently switched to the complete Shunyata Omega and Sigma V2 set. We conducted extensive testing with the client and the results were extraordinary.

Previous cables, while outstanding in terms of detail and accuracy, had a more garish sound, leading to long-term hearing fatigue. In comparison, the Shunyata Omega and Sigma V2 cables not only provided a significant improvement across the board, but they also softened the sound signature across the board.

This success only reinforces our belief in the exceptional quality of Shunyata products. Their distinct scientific approach sets them apart from all competition in the field of power processing and cabling equipment.

We invite you to consult the Technology and Professional Applications pages on the Shunyata website.

At Son Ultime, we are proud to represent a brand that is not only talked about, but which delivers an unparalleled sound experience.

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