146 Installation Sonus Faber Amati G5, McIntosh, Auralic, Oracle

Having just arrived at Son Ultime, the new Sonus Faber Amati G5 have
already found an audiophile as owner!

The Homage Tradition series from Sonus Faber has been very popular for several
years. We can see it in many of our installation albums and everything
particularly the Serafino and Amati.

Sonus Faber unveiled the new Homage series a few days ago which features
several improvements and optimizations integrated into the range.

As always, Amati G5s are entirely designed, manufactured and assembled in-house.
hand in Italy! See our tour of Sonus Faber:

For electronics, we opted for a traditional combination of Son Ultime
composed of Auralic, Oracle Audio and Mcintosh.

Son Ultime:
* The largest McIntosh retailer in Quebec
* Installed everywhere in Quebec

Equipment of this Achievement