145 McIntosh XRT1.1K Installation

Son Ultime had the honor of installing the Uitime dream of many of our passionate customers! The Mcintosh XRT1.1K.

Mcintosh has been known for several decades for its high-fidelity speakers
using the Line Array principle. We regularly find this type of technology for
“pro” applications such as for concerts.
The subject of Line-Array is vast but to simplify everything this technology allows
to obtain a Sweet Spot and a particularly wide general sound coverage in
one piece. We are talking here about one of the greatest sound images that we have been in
able to experiment so far.

We often use the term “immersion” in the world of cinema. We can
now use this term in high fidelity with the Mcintosh XRT1.1K!
Also, the XRT1.1K are entirely built at the Sonus Faber factory in Italy. There
impeccable finish is worthy of the reputation of Mcintosh Group.

Son Ultime:
* The largest McIntosh retailer in Quebec
* The largest McIntosh inventory in Quebec
* Installed everywhere in Quebec