143 McIntosh, Bowers & Wilkins Cinema Installation

Here is an upgrade of a B&W/McIntosh system going from 802D2 to 801D4 as well as from MC611 to MC1.25KW. A huge gain in overall performance!

Amplification without compromise:

As part of this project, a “no compromise” approach was taken to the selection of power amplifiers. In fact, we use 3 Mcintosh MC1.25KW monoblocks to power the front channels. The MC1.25KW are dream amplifiers for many audiophiles and are at the heart of many of our creations.


Although the customer was very well served with the 802 D2 speakers, he told us of the desire to achieve more performance without distorting the already existing sound signature. The 801 D4 and HTM81 D4 are in our opinion a world reference for both stereo and cinema applications.

Hybrid system:

The MX123A takes care of the entire Cinema processing while the C53 takes care of the Stereo portion. When the system is used in stereo mode, the C53 uses its DAC/Preamp. When the system is used in cinema mode, the C53 automatically goes into “Passthru” mode to deactivate its DAC/Preamp. This allows the MX123A to connect directly to the MC1.25KW for left/right channels.

-Son Ultime is installed everywhere in Quebec!

Equipment of this Achievement