135 Shunyata Research Facility

Complete installation of Shunyata power cables at Gilles Laferierre!

Feedback from Gilles:

“Installing the Shunyata power cables allowed my audio system to achieve an unprecedented level of precision. Shunyata's noise reduction technology is remarkably effective. The silence thus created leaves plenty of room for the musical signal. Using the REW software, we measured a notable improvement before / after at the frequency band level. When listening, the bass is deeper and clearer. The scene becomes strikingly realistic with a three-dimensional effect. The shrill sounds diminish. Screaming vocals soften and become more natural. I never would have suspected that power cables could have such a powerful positive effect on an audio system. »

The “Technology” section of the Shunyata website is very well presented and documented and deserves the greatest attention: https://shunyata.com/technology/

As always, a huge thank you to Gilles for his involvement in the Quebec audiophile community as well as for his trust in Son Ultime.

Equipment of this Achievement