133 New Shunyata Research at Son Ultime!

Hello everyone,

We have the immense honor and pride to announce to you that Son Ultime has been
selected to be the exclusive retailer of Shunyata Research products in Quebec!

Shunyata is an American manufacturer of wiring and power processing that has
stand out from any competition in the field thanks to their strong approach

Indeed, Shunyata products are not only used in systems of
High Fidelity but also in the medical sector and particularly for
improvement of electrocardiograms.

The Technology section of their website is very well presented and documented and
deserves the greatest attention.
As with all our leading brands, we see this opportunity
as a unique distinction to the involvement of its Ultimate in the High Fidelity of the

We would therefore like to thank all our loyal customers as well as Shunyata Research
for their trust in Son Ultime!